About Us

Who We Are

Wir für Demokratie e.V. is a non-profit association that provides low-threshold access to democratic participation. Our work is non-partisan, inclusive, participatory, and promotes democracy.

We are a large community: over 150 volunteers provide support to a wide variety of teams and contribute to a lively association culture. Our board of directors, consisting of Dr. Maximilian Oehl, Eva-Maria Thurnhofer, and Kerstin Schiwietz, coordinates the activities of the association. Our sponsors, our sustaining members, and our donor community support our projects financially and thus actively contribute to the promotion of democracy.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Maximilian Oehl


Kerstin Schiwietz

Vice Chairwoman

Eva-Maria Thurnhofer

Vice Chairwoman

With your support, we can grow as an organization and make even more happen!

What We Do

We motivate young people in particular, as well as those underrepresented in political discourse, to actively participate in our democracy. Through exchange and practical formats with political actors, we make politics understandable and thus strengthen our democratic institutions. We also create a non-partisan platform for Civil Society and political actors.

Our Financing


Our non-profit association is supported by numerous funding partners who support our work, especially institutionally. This support allows us to build up a lively community of donors in the long term, which ensures the sustainable financing of our association.

Supporting Members & Donation Community

As a non-partisan, non-profit association, we are supported by numerous sustaining members and a broad community of donors. Do you also want a more participatory and vibrant democracy? Then join us and support our work with a monthly donation.

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