We are committed to transparency towards our members, supporting members, civil society partners, supporters, politics and society.

In the spirit of this transparency, we disclose our goals and structures and provide information on the origin and use of funds as well as decision-makers. In doing so, we adhere to the guidelines of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative and follow its ten transparency criteria with this voluntary commitment.

Name, registered office, address and founding year

Name, registered office, address and founding year
Founding Year Wir für Demokratie e.V. 2020,
Adress: Wir für Demokratie e.V. c/o Veldhoen, Hans-Sachs-Str 4, 80469 München

Complete statue and state the organisation's objectives

Name and function of key decision-makers

Board Wir für Demokratie e.V.

Dr Maximilian Oehl (Executive Board)
Eva-Maria Thurnhofer (Deputy Board Member)
Kerstin Schiwietz (Deputy Member of the Executive Board)

Activity Report

Staff structure

Board Wir für Demokratie e.V.

Dr Maximilian Oehl, Eva-Maria Thurnhofer, Kerstin Schiwietz
Staff: 2 full-time positions, 2 mini-jobs 
Honorary staff: 3 persons
Volunteers: about 100 people

Information on the use of funds

Names of persons whose annual payments account for more than 10% of the total annual budget

As we want to remain financially and content-wise independent, we do not accept donations that exceed 10 % of our total annual budget. We try to finance a growing share through small donations from society. We do not accept funds from institutions and individuals that arise from activities that run counter to our activities and goals. We also expect our supporters to identify with our agenda and share our vision of a sustainable, inclusive society. We do not accept donations from political parties.

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