Democratic Engagement

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We are a non-profit association that provides low-threshold access to democratic participation. As a platform for non-partisan and intersectoral exchange, we create meeting spaces to jointly shape the sustainable transformation of our society.

We open channels into our political institutions so that innovative, forward-looking impulses and people can get there.

For us, political decision-making is a process that should not take place exclusively in party committees but should be shaped proactively together with Civil Society actors.

Together, we are renewing our democracy so that we can courageously master the challenges of the 21st century.

The Challenge

Our democracy has a problem. Many people, especially young people, are more politicized than ever and are involved in civic movements. Few of them, however, can imagine becoming active in a political party. There is a threat of a steadily widening gap between a committed civil society and the political parties and institutions. Civil Society and politics must work hand in hand.

Our Solution

We offer the low-threshold opportunity to get involved democratically in a non-partisan context. As a volunteer in our association, you can experience first-hand what it means to run for political office. This imparts elementary political knowledge and breaks down barriers to democratic engagement. Because our democracy is all the stronger the more people actively participate in it!

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We are ...


We believe that change can only happen together. That is why we promote non-partisan exchange with actors from all democratic parties and representatives of civil society.

Promoting Democracy

Our society and economy are facing a profound transformation. To achieve this, we need to align our political institutions with new objectives. We contribute to this by breaking new ground: promoting the participation of groups that are underrepresented in social discourse and offering the opportunity for non-partisan, intersectoral alliances as a platform.

Low Threshold

Politics should be accessible to everyone. To achieve this, barriers must be removed and new forums created. Within the framework of our workshops, exchange, and practical formats with political actors, we convey political content in an easy-to-understand and interactive way, while still keeping an eye on the big picture. This way, we make politics tangible and strengthen the democratic state.


We believe in the energy of commitment that can bring about change. The work of our association is supported by over 150 volunteers who contribute in a wide variety of areas and create a vibrant association culture. We motivate in particular young people as well as people underrepresented in the political discourse to actively participate in our democracy. Together, we create a space where everyone can get involved and shape society together.

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