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Here you can find our current and past activities and projects

Movement Builder

The Movement Builder is a digital platform that invites experts and civil society actors in the German-speaking region to share their implicit knowledge and support each other in democratic engagement. Through the shared use of resources and experiences, we aim for a stronger civil society and a dynamic democracy. Learn more about the Movement Builder and how you can contribute to opening up new pathways for political participation.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a project aimed at networking and strengthening civil society actors in Brandenburg, Thuringia, and Saxony. With the upcoming state and local elections in these three states in 2024 in mind, we aim to connect civil society actors of all kinds – from church associations to sports clubs and volunteer fire brigades, to climate protection and human rights organizations – and to strengthen social engagement at the local level.


Our PARTEIWATCH project takes a closer look at a central but all too often ignored process in our electoral system: the allocation of Party Election Positions. We ensure that this elementary and often overlooked step in elections in Germany receives more attention and transparency. For a fair selection, in which the most suitable and not the best-connected politicians win – for a transparent, lively, innovative democracy.

Chat Politics - Your direct link to Parliament

Together with the initiative Diskutier Mit Mir (Discuss With Me), we bring citizens and members of the Bundestag into a direct exchange with each other via group chat.

Workshops & Continuing Education

Our work thrives on the lively exchange and energy within our community. In order to offer our community, especially the numerous volunteers, added value in terms of content and expertise, we have built up an extensive curriculum of training courses over the last two years. We can draw on a large network of experts and coaches who cover a variety of topics and share their knowledge with our community. For example, we have held exciting workshops and roundtable discussions on topics such as “Failure in Politics,” “Countering Hate Speech,” and “Sustainable Business.

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