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Hand in Hand

What ist the project Hand in Hand?

#HandInHand is a project aimed at networking and strengthening civil society actors in Brandenburg, Saxony & Thuringia.

With a view to the upcoming local and state elections in these three federal states in 2024, we want to invite interested civil society actors of all kinds – from church associations to sports clubs to climate protection and human rights organizations – to come together and jointly address issues. What are the problems for you? Who could help each other? But above all: where and how can we provide support?

We plan two meetings in each federal state, during which participants can get to know each other and exchange ideas. We aim to create a pool of ideas and needs that we can build upon. Resources are available that we would like to distribute according to needs.

Additionally, we will provide an interactive platform based on open source software, through which all interested parties can further educate themselves on various (demand-driven) topics. This platform will also facilitate the connection with experts who can conduct workshops or provide consulting services.

These joint actions will be accompanied by a public campaign that demonstrates what non-partisan societal diversity can look like.

Why is the project Hand in Hand important?


Both online and in face-to-face interactions, socially and politically engaged individuals are increasingly exposed to threats. The fact that these are not just isolated incidents is well documented: In a survey conducted in the spring of 2022, nearly half of political office holders at the local level reported experiencing hate speech, harassment, or violence in the past six months. In the eastern German states, the percentage of those affected is even higher at 51% (Local Monitoring 2022). However, democratically engaged individuals without public office also experience these intimidation attempts (“No way different. Youth Politics East” 2023). This evidence points to a trend that is also discussed under the concept of “shrinking spaces”: the diminishing possibility of engaging socially or politically in a safe environment. Yet our democracy thrives on active participation and requires people to be able to move freely and without fear within it.

To address this, it is important to listen to those affected, make societal role models visible, and demonstrate unity. #HandInHand contributes to protecting these societal spaces and strengthens people in their social and political engagement.

What is our aim?

We are aware that there are already a multitude of wonderful regional networks that have initiated numerous projects. We see Hand in Hand as a complementary offering.

Our organization’s mission is to bring civil society and politics together. The upcoming local and state elections could mark a turning point that will not only concern Saxony, Thuringia, and Brandenburg. In conversations with local activists, there is often expressed uncertainty about the potential negative impacts of local election campaigns on marginalized groups, as well as concerns about what a newly composed state parliament could mean for the continuation of initiatives.

The regions are characterized by structural peculiarities that local civil actors are best acquainted with and have already successfully addressed. Their work is established and relevant. Our goal is to provide advisory support or assistance where resilience can be built and uncertainties reduced. In the spirit of collaboration, we aim to align the project according to the needs of the participating actors.

How does the project work?

The project is initially designed to last for one year. However, our motivation is to further institutionalize it.

Currently, we are building the working network consisting of all interested parties. Spontaneous registrations are welcome at any time. In the upcoming weeks, we will provide further information on the process and progress to all participants who have registered through our registration form behind the buttons on this page.

The announcement of the date for the first meeting will also be included. We are tentatively planning for late February or early March. The meetings (one per federal state) will be one-day events, preferably on a Saturday in a city easily accessible to all participants. From there, the proactive work with the available potential will begin.


Who is the network?

The network is currently under construction. We have invited all active individuals in the respective federal states to participate. The spectrum includes established associations, small initiatives, as well as committed individuals and activists. In general, all these actors are warmly welcome and can join at any time during the project duration.

What does participants gain from this?

We are designing our project to be as accessible as possible. Therefore, participation is free of charge. The project offers the opportunity to connect with other activists whom one may not have encountered through their own networks before, thus potentially unlocking new synergies. Additionally, we are equipped with resources that are intended to be utilized.

For example: A group of individuals wants to organize a festival and is seeking support. We are happy to search our network for suitable cooperation partners. If security concepts against right-wing violence are a topic, we will collaborate with experts on that. If there are actions planned locally, we could provide material or financial resources.

We will offer and expand our knowledge platform with relevant topics for participants’ further education. Participation in the project allows participants to centrally contribute to its development.


Who can i contact?

The contact person for the project is our project assistant, Marie-Theres. She is available for questions, suggestions, etc. at [email protected]. As a native of Saxony, her focus of interest has been on East German issues for years, particularly those related to preventing right-wing extremism, civil engagement, and political attitudes.

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Become an active part of our network now!

DWould you like to join #HandinHand in working together for our democracy and a strong civil society? Then sign up now to become part of our network. Choose the federal state in which you are active to receive information about network meetings and actions in your area. If your organization is active across multiple federal states, please feel free to email us after your registration to receive information for all federal states.



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