What is the Movement Builder?

The Movement Builder is a digital knowledge platform designed to provide representatives of civil society with information to support their democratic engagement, and to provide political enthusiasts with inspiration for their own campaigns or movement work.

The idea behind it is that experts and organizations share their implicit knowledge of action and everyday life to support each other in their engagement and strengthen resilience. Contributions can be independently created, but we also actively seek authors from various backgrounds based on the needs of our network.

We view a strong civil society as an expression of a dynamic democracy, which is why mutual support and synergy-building are essential elements for effective action in this area. This is further promoted through the Movement Builder.


What does the Movement Builder provide?

The Movement Builder is a platform primarily utilized by experts in their respective fields. Through this platform, we aim to consolidate, sustain, and share implicit knowledge for successful political participation with a wide range of civil society actors in the German-speaking region. Our goal is to enable innovative and effective participation, especially for population groups that are underrepresented in social and political debates.

The platform is constantly evolving, as it is continuously expanded with information, suggestions, and contact details based on the needs of users. If upon closer examination of the content you notice that a topic is missing or needs further exploration, we always welcome feedback. In such cases, we endeavor to identify experts in our network who can cover the topic thematically.

How can I contribute to the Movement Builder?

We reserve the right to organize access to the Movement Builder. This is to protect existing contributions and prevent misuse of the platform. If you are interested in publishing a contribution, please feel free to formulate it and send it to the email address [email protected]. We will then create an individual access from our side, which will allow you to log in and get started.

The editorial responsibility lies with the author of the contribution, not with us as Wir für Demokratie e.V. However, we reserve the right to delete or shorten content in case of serious violations of our statutes and guidelines. This will always be done in direct communication with the author.


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